Fire emergency light HIGH INTELLIGENCE with orientation arrow

This new fire emergency light with integrated escape route light can, in conjunction with on-site thermal imaging cameras, automatically determine the optimal escape route in the event of an incident and indicate it with the illuminated arrow.

Datenblatt HI Intelligence Fluchtwegleuchte

Emergency Exit Luminaire

A fire emergency light with power LED is also installed below the EXIT sign, which is activated in the event of an incident. Manual activation via tunnel control is possible.

Datenblatt FWOL

Emergency Exit Luminaire

like before, with free distance signs

Datenblatt FWOL mit BNL

Emergency Exit illumination

Especially in times of increasing traffic density, security in the tunnel will become more and more the focus of the public.

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Of course, they also offer emergency exit lighting and emergency exit lighting.

Datenblatt Exit Lights Türumrandung